San Francisco 2003

In January 2003 Gloria and I travelled to San Francisco to visit the MacWorld show. We had a great time, the show was brilliant and the weather was superb. Here are a few of the pictures I took. I only took around 130 picture in the week we were there, Gloria took over 600! [grin]. If you want to see some of hers, she made a movie out of them. You can see them here.

My movie file is here (it's a large download [5.5mb] though!)

Click on an image for larger view.

DSCN6496  DSCN6508

DSCN6509  DSCN6511

DSCN6512  DSCN6517

DSCN6521  DSCN6524

DSCN6528  DSCN6533

DSCN6541  DSCN6544

DSCN6545  DSCN6556

DSCN6565  DSCN6567

DSCN6576  DSCN6578

DSCN6581  DSCN6591

DSCN6592  DSCN6597

DSCN6599  DSCN6607