Bunter - Rest in Peace

Today (24th April 2002) Bunter (AKA the little, bittle tickle cat) died. He'd been ill for a while. A while back he lost the sight in one eye due to a tumour bursting, and it was always a possibility that he'd suffer a re-occurance. He died at the vets after they discovered he'd got cancer in his kidneys during an exploratory operation.

Bunter was a cat of very little brain but lots of heart. He was one of the most affectionate cats I've ever met. He always took the opportunity to seek contact. His greatest delight was "perching" on either me or Carol. He never actually liked to sit on a lap but instead rested his front paws and head on you. Whenever you went walking down the garden he'd follow, getting in front of you and then throwing himself on the ground to have his stomach tickled.

Rest in Peace my little friend, I'll miss you.


Kitten Bunter
Bunter - The day he arrived. Wow, was he tiny!

Sooty Bunter
Bunter showing his lack of brain. My brother had been revamping our heating system and left the old chimney flue in the garden. Naturally Bunter just had to explore. He came wandering into the kitchen "Yow, Yow" - black as black could be. Totally covered in soot.

Derry & Bunter
Bunter in typical "perching" mode.